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How do I choose an international moving company?

If your move is not organized by your employer, it is important to look for a reliable moving company. With the following suggestions, the ÖMTV would like to assist you

This gives you the opportunity to check prices, services as well as the accessibility of the provider. Although the price factor plays a significant role, you should also consider the age of the company offering the service, as it provides information about the experience of the respective company.

Likewise, you should consider the services offered and – if available – the recommendations of others. For example, some companies offer special packaging materials or specialize in particularly delicate items (such as works of art).

When comparing offers from several international providers, check in advance which services are included in the price and which are not. This will protect you from unforeseen additional costs that may arise later.
Often, it is the low-priced offers that end up costing you more. So clarify:

  • Is the shipping method the same?
  • Will your personal belongings be transported in a separate container or along with other people’s belongings?
  • Are all fees (such as unloading and loading fees) included?
  • Is packing and unpacking included in the price?
  • Is customs clearance included?
  • What time frame is quoted?

FIDI is the main association of international moving companies and is responsible for their worldwide quality assurance. In order for a company to obtain the FIDI certificate, it must prove that the strict quality requirements can be achieved and maintained in the long term. This is checked at regular intervals by independent audit companies.

For the international customer, the choice of a FIDI member is a symbol of quality from A to Z.

The moving supervisor who visits you at home and takes care of all the preparatory matters may be excellent and the packing squad excellent. But clarify who is responsible for your order in the destination country.

Ask your friends, acquaintances or colleagues about international moving companies they have used in the past. This way, you will quite soon get a credible list of reliable moving partners.

Consider what additional services you might want to claim from your moving company.

Do you need assistance with immigration formalities, money exchange, house cleaning, pet transport, car transfer or would you like your belongings to be fully unpacked at your destination? Perhaps you would also like a local handyman to hang your pictures in your new home or put up the climbing frame in the garden again?

Have all the points discussed confirmed as part of a binding, cost estimate for the provider and check that it is also complete and clearly written.

Do not risk unexpected costs or unpleasant surprises on your moving day.

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