Transport insurance

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Transport insurance

Transport insurance overview

Liability of the moving company

The liability of the moving company applies to all member companies. According to the BBMT (Conditions of Carriage for Furniture Transport) the Furniture Forwarder is liable for damages caused by his fault with max. 1090,- € per loading meter (this corresponds to 4 cbm = 272,50€ per 1 cbm).

MSVS (Furniture Forwarding Insurance Certificate)

Since this liability limit is very low and often not sufficient in case of damage, an extended liability insurance (MSVS) can be taken out upon request of the principal.

In case of proven fault of the mover, the liability can be increased up to a current value of max. 250.000,-€.

Property damage is also included in this MSVS, Lower premium.
It must be proven that the removal company was clearly at fault.

Transport insurance (AÖTB – Basis “all Risk”)

In contrast to the legal liability of the forwarder, no proof of fault is required for transport insurance. It is sufficient to prove the damage. Such transport insurance must be ordered by the Client in written form before the start of transport.

no-fault liability
Increased premium, no financial losses, reasons for exclusion according to AÖTB

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