Our members handle a large part of the relocations of diplomatic services in and to Austria.

If your professional career takes you to another country or even another part of the world, your personal possessions will have to go along for the ride.


ÖMTV companies will help you to implement your specific plans, with special emphasis on the following:

Careful handling of delicate cargo
Our experts know how fast a move has to go. This makes it even more important to take the necessary time - especially for delicate items - and to pack them with the utmost care in order to deliver everything intact at its destination.
Confidentiality in processing
We know that it is important to keep sensitive files and personal data confidential. Sealed transport keeps your personal documents protected from unauthorized access at all times.
Absolute punctuality of our removals
Pacata sunt servanda - contracts are to be honored, also during relocations. We can guarantee that and we are proud of it.
Our international partners and their expertise
Abroad, all our partner companies are members of FIDI and thus FAIM-certified. This means that we can guarantee consistent quality for all projects - even across borders.
Relocation Services

More than just moving objects from A to B.

Relocation services are one of the particular strengths of ÖMTV members. Many member companies offer services that go beyond simply moving objects from A to B as part of their services.

The organization of a garage parking space, the search for a kindergarten or school place, or even the setting up of a new telephone connection are just a few of the conceivable possibilities.

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