Reliable movers wanted: Who can I trust?

In order to avoid unnecessary moving stress, professional support can often be resorted to. We show you what to look for when choosing a moving company and how to find a reliable company.

An important factor when choosing a moving company: the price. Two movers including transporter for 25€ an hour – sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

But beware: Supposedly low-priced offers should be carefully scrutinized. Because where with cheap prices is lured, often horrendous sums lurk by at first not evident additional costs. And there are many questionable providers.

Important factor when choosing a moving company: The price. Two movers including a transporter for 25€ an hour – sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

But attention: Supposedly low-priced offers should be carefully scrutinized. Because where cheap prices are advertised, horrendous sums can lurk around every corner.

Working time, disassembly, floor surcharge, packing material, parking fees: The cost of a move is made up of different items.

Always make sure to have a transparent cost structure. This will give you a good overview of items and prices and protect you from unannounced surcharge which can be an expensive surprise for the customer. A price guarantee can also help prevent unexpected additional costs.

Make sure you sign a legitimate contract for your move. A proper contract is half the battle. Knowing about it is half the battle.
Do not forget to read the fine print!

Owning a van alone does not make a moving company. Before you use a service, you have to make sure that the company is registered as  business and has the appropriate license to carry our their activities (registering a free trade is not enough!).

Especially when it comes to transporting valuable furniture and goods, caution is required: Once not careful, a good piece is damaged or even broken. Even professional movers are not immune to this. Transport insurance therefore is essential for every company that regularly has to transport goods. Pay attention to it!

The safety of people and their goods is of paramount importance: Only those who treat you and your belongings with care and respect make it on the list of trustworthy moving companies.

Questionable moving companies often do not value well-being and training of their employees. A reputable company pays attention to professional appearance, competence and regular training of its team. In addition, employees are properly registered in Austria.

A look at the imprint (if available!) of the company shows that the same company belongs to many low-cost providers. If so, you should take a closer look at them. They are probably not reputable.

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