Safety belongs in certified hands: With our quality seal, excellence can now be made visible for the first time!



Karin Lang
president ÖMTV, management Spedition Lang

What is the difference between small carriers and freight forwarding companies?

We are happy to announce that our members now carry the newly created quality seal for certified forwarding companies.

This means that they have successfully passed a qualification examination to become a professional forwarder. That way, consumers can be protected and the service of small haulers can be distinguished.

This is important because – in contrast to the free trade of small haulers without concession or quality seal – we operate in a regulated trade. In order to carry out the forwarding activity, special qualifications are required. Such an examination covers, among other things, knowledge of insurance, industrial hygiene, customs regulations and occupational safety. Relevant topics for our customers and our employees!

It is this quality inspection that makes it possible for us to provide our customers with far-reaching services in the area of planning and other services in addition to the transport of items from A to B. We offer personal commitment and competent support: From packing service to transport insurance and recycling. Likewise, only we as a forwarding company are allowed to use motor vehicles with more than 3.5 tons maximum permissible weight for your transports.

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